Kush Diamonds Delta 8 Dab-Glookies/2 gram


Kush Kolectiv Glookies Diamond Dabs are filled with a delectable sweet flavor followed by a zesty, gassy zing. Featuring a strong cerebral effect that inspires artistic creativity, followed by a deep euphoric feeling, and a sense of calm.

With long-lasting effects, Glookies ∆8 dabs are said to be great for helping those suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, or anxiety. Kush Kolectiv Glookies Dabs can be described as having a sweet nutty cookie flavor with a chocolaty diesel overtone that lingers long after your final exhale. The aroma is of earthy diesel and pungent chocolate with a spicy overtone that intensifies as you exhale. Crafted using high-quality Hemp, and natural terpenes Kush Kolectiv ∆8 Kush Diamonds are the dabber’s choice for high-quality dabs. Each non-stick jar contains 2 grams of the highest quality ∆8-THC dabs on the market.

2 Grams/ ea
3rd Party Lab Tested for purity and potency
Made from Non-GMO Hemp
Natural Terpenes
Container: non-stick container to prevent waste

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